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Book of the Month

The Good And Faithful Servant – by Hugh Hewitt

What is crucial for any follower of Christ is not only that they be able to give an account of why they believe…
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Understanding Where You Belong

Watch or Listen to this special message:

Understanding where you belong as a Christian in the world today…

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Special Offer

You may know the Gospel by intellectual knowledge. You may have even told others what the Gospel is, but it can be mere academics unless you have personally…

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Live From Israel

Messages filmed on location Live from Israel! You will experience your Bible like never before…

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Revival Begins With You

There is only one way historically and biblically that any culture can be redeemed, it is when God’s people are revived and thus influence one another and the culture in which they live.

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Complete Series’ in MP3 Audio Files

Message Series’ in MP3 audio format are available on Disks and USB flash drives.

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It Pays To Wait

We all hate to wait. However, God has promised to use waiting for our good. Throughout the Scriptures we are instructed to wait on the Lord.

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