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Book of the Month

Examining the claims of the New Testament using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator.

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40-Day Prayer & Fast

My House Will Be Called a House of Prayer- A call to prayer! We’re dedicating 40 days to prayer and fasting for our nation, for revival, and the upcoming election.

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The Daniel Prayer

Anne Graham Lotz – In Daniel chapter nine, Daniel poured out his heart in prayer. What happened? Heaven was moved, a nation was changed, and generations…

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Engage Conference 2016

Our Biblical worldview is being challenged. How should we respond?

If you missed the conference you can purchase the messages.


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Israel, Islam & The West

What happens in the Middle East does not stay in the Middle East. From Iran, to ISIS, to Hezbollah, Islamic jihadists have placed a bullseye on the back of the United States.

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A Message From Pastor Jack

In this time of political correctness, Pastor Jack encourages pastors and the church body to stand for Biblical values. These aren’t political issues…

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Look Up!

The Hebrew word for declare means to tell a story or to inscribe a message. The Lord challenged the ancient patriarch Job to understand the meaning of the Mazzaroth.

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