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Understanding Where You Belong

Watch or Listen to this special message:

Understanding where you belong as a Christian in the world today…

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A Message From Pastor Jack

In this time of political correctness, Pastor Jack encourages pastors and the church body to stand for Biblical values. These aren’t political issues…

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Book of The Month

“All of Grace” by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This book presents a comprehensive teaching on the subject of God’s grace.

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Politics And Your Faith

Your opinions and beliefs are summed up in your worldview. It is what shapes your ideas and affects the path you choose in life. Does your worldview align with the Bible?

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Complete Series’ in MP3 Audio Files

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Real Life with Jack Hibbs App

We are very excited to introduce to you the Real Life App!

Available for your mobile devices and on the Apple TV (4th Generation).

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The Garden of the Soul

Solomon’s sweetheart lamented the fact that because of the demands placed upon her, her garden had gone to shambles. God would tell us to be careful to tend the gardens of our heart and home.

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