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Pray for Louisiana

The people of Louisiana need help now!

100% of what is received will go directly to help those in need.

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Special Offer

Staying Fit For The Master’s Use: Lessons From Samson – Indeed Samsons life was a living parable; displaying the struggle between man’s desire and God’s will.

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The Vow

This 2-day conference with Dr. Kevin Leman is available in CD and DVD Sets of 4 disks.

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A Message From Pastor Jack

In this time of political correctness, Pastor Jack encourages pastors and the church body to stand for Biblical values. These aren’t political issues…

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Live From Israel

Messages filmed on location Live from Israel! You will experience your Bible like never before…

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Got Questions?

You’re not here by accident…

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Our Heart’s Desire

God has created us with the ability to love and express ourselves. We, having been created in the image of God, can truly have no fulfillment in our earthly pursuits apart from knowing Him.

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