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Engage Conference 2016

Our Biblical worldview is being challenged. How should we respond?

If you missed the conference you can purchase the messages.


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Special Offer

The Book of Judges: Defeat or Deliverance? Contains 40 full-length MP3 audio messages.


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Pray for Louisiana

The people of Louisiana need help now!

100% of what is received will go directly to help those in need.

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The Vow

This 2-day conference with Dr. Kevin Leman is available in CD and DVD Sets of 4 disks.

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A Message From Pastor Jack

In this time of political correctness, Pastor Jack encourages pastors and the church body to stand for Biblical values. These aren’t political issues…

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Live From Israel

Messages filmed on location Live from Israel! You will experience your Bible like never before…

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For Christians Only

What you’re about to read is for the Christian only. A very important truth is that one of our greatest reasons you have been set free from the bondage of this world is to liberate you for service unto Him.

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