Who Told You? MP3 USB

Discerning The Voices of Our Day

The Who Told You series was birthed from an observation of the church at large today. Presently there is great confusion regarding truth; a considerable number of people are pursuing an emotionally-based theology while others are following a social gospel. They take a “relevant approach” to interpreting the Bible, which is actually a very dangerous thing to do. Many believe they’re saved simply because they attend a particular church or are used in ministry, they may even have a doctorate in theology. Yet, unless they are truly born again according to the Scriptures, and adhere to the inerrant, eternal Word of God, they have a false sense of security. Doctrine cannot be based on past experiences or shaped by outside influences.

Due to these prevailing misconceptions and the cultural challenges plaguing the church, it is of utmost importance that you are able to clearly discern the voice of God. In this series of 23 messages, Pastor Jack Hibbs will take you through a remarkable, comprehensive study of biblical doctrine to help you discern the voices of our day based on what Scripture reveals.

Contains 23 full-length MP3 audio messages.

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