Real Marriage // Real Life

Real Marriage // Real Life is a collection of discussion-based programs to help provide a solid foundation for a healthy God-honoring marriage. Today’s culture undermines traditional marriage at every turn and many couples make decisions based on their emotions. Real Marriage brings you an honest, biblically-based conversation on the issues married couples deal with on a daily basis.   Pastor Jack and Lisa bring to the table over 35 years of marriage, 25 years of pastoring and ministry, and decades of providing godly counsel and instruction to couples in need of help.

Topics Include:

The Biblical Foundation for Marriage; The Biblical Role of a Husband and a Wife; Communicating in Your Marriage; Protecting Your Marriage; Intimacy in Your Marriage; Dealing with Forgiveness in Marriage; Dealing with Our Families in Marriage; When Marriage Goes Wrong – Dealing with Divorce; When Marriage Goes Wrong – Dealing with Abuse; When God Blesses a Couple with Children / Blended Families.

In addition, this series includes three “live” Q&A programs answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding marriage today! This series includes 13 messages in a 3 DVD Set.

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