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Understanding Bible Prophecy Vol. 2

Understanding Bible Prophecy Vol. 2

CD Audio Set – Bible Prophecy not only predicts the future but it also exposes false teaching and teachers and reminds us of Who is ultimately in control. 10 CD Set


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CD Audio Set – Amazing! That’s the word that can be used to describe the current days in which we’re living. Truly, you and I are living at a very historic moment in our nation’s history. The world appears to be coming unhinged day by day and violent extremists are taking to the streets as democracy seems to be under attack. What in the world is going on and what relevance do these events have in light of the Bible? This year’s Southern California Prophecy Conference will address these and other issues that will bring you hope in the coming storm. More than ever before, you need to be prepared for the global issues that are soon to come. This conference has been specifically geared toward informing you of what’s about to happen according to the Bible and to teach us how we should be living in these troubled days. In fact, things are about to get even more exciting for the Christian and non-Christian alike. But will you and your family be ready to meet the challenges ahead and are you now ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ should He return today? To be encouraged during this time, you will not want to miss the Southern California Prophecy Conference as it may prove to be one of the most important events of the year! Our speakers and their message titles include: Paul McGuire – The Coming One World Religion, David Hocking – What’s About to Happen in the Middle East, Jack Hibbs -What Are the Last Days and Why Should You Care? Ed Hindson – Is the Antichrist Alive Today?, Britt Merrick – Why God Has Given Us Bible Prophecy?, Mark Hitchcock – The Late Great United States, David Reagan – What Happens When You Die?, Bob McEwen – Freedom in Crisis, A World View, Tim LaHaye – Will You Be Left Behind?, Bob McEwen – Finding Hope in the Global Crisis

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