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So Cal Bible Conference

So Cal Bible Conference

DVD Video Set – SoCal Bible Conference: Revolution. David Hocking, Greg Laurie, Walid Shoebat, Bob McEwen, Jay Smith, General Boykin. 2010 So Cal Bible Conference. 9 disk DVD Set.


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DVD Video Set – Dr. David Hocking – God’s Offensive Plan – The God Who Keeps His Promises – Pastor Greg Laurie – No Man Left Behind – Seize the Moment – Primary Target – Israel: Will She Survive? Congressman Bob McEwen – Tactics for National Defense – Defending Freedom At All Cost Jay Smith – The Global Reach – Answering Islam’s Expansion – Panel discussion with Speakers Lt. General William G. Jerry Boykin – Scenario: Wars & Rumors of Wars – What’s Next? Lt. General William G. Jerry Boykin – Strategic Mobilization – A Message to the Church in the 21st Century –  Lt. Gen William G. Boykin: My Story. 9 disk DVD Set.

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