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The Life & Times of Jesus Christ – MP3 USB

The Life & Times of Jesus Christ – Contains 16 full-length MP3 audio messages on a USB drive.



How is it that Jesus Christ continues to be the most influential personality that has ever lived?  Why do His teachings appeal so powerfully to the human heart? In this series, The Life and Times of Jesus Christ, Pastor Jack Hibbs walks you through a clear and understandable investigation of what the Bible has to say about its most important person, the Lord Jesus Christ. This study will compel you to deal with the claims of what Jesus had to say about Himself.  This collection of teachings has proven to be an effective tool in bringing the most seasoned believer into a deeper relationship with the Lord. It will, at the same time, present a strong case for anyone considering Jesus Christ, and why an intelligent, logical, and reasonable faith must be considered – faith founded upon facts!

Contains 16 full-length MP3 audio messages on a USB drive.

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