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Can I Lose My Salvation? - 2 Disk Set

Can I Lose My Salvation? – 2 Disk Set

DVD Video Set – How Do We Get From Here To Heaven? #5 – Romans 12:1-12: 2 – 2 disk set.


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DVD Video Set – “If all of my thoughts about what heaven will be like would have to be reduced to just one – it would be that I shall someday appear like my Savoir, holy and complete.” – Charles Spurgeon A deeper, more personal relationship with God should be our aim, goal, and bold intent. In this series, Pastor Jack Hibbs will challenge you personally and the church collectively to join in a most awesome, radical, serious mission in the pursuit of God.  The Bible is filled with events and accounts of what happened to people who gave up on following after God. From the children of Israel in the wilderness, to Judas Iscariot in the Garden – the scriptures are full of warnings for us to learn from. We are reminded that staying close to Jesus means following Him and being His disciple.   These 17 messages focus on the “requirements” to get us to heaven and the fundamentals every believer needs to live a life of holiness and spiritual maturity.

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