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PSALM 88:13


“But to You I have cried out, O LORD, and in the morning my prayer comes before You.’”

Have you ever embarked upon a good thing with high hopes of a reward in the end? If so, did you become discouraged that the reward still seemed to be far off after much labor and toil? The Lord has promised believers heaven at the end of this life’s journey, yet I must admit at times it seems that heaven is just not coming fast enough for me.

As I look around this world and see more and more of its tendency toward violence and evil, I realize that I don’t belong here anymore. My heart longs for heaven and I live my life with that goal in mind. Perhaps today you find yourself as I do, waiting for Jesus’ return and the joy of seeing Him face to face. Maybe you also desire to enter our heavenly home, a place filled with God’s absolute love and total acceptance.

Until that day comes, we are here to learn more of Him and tell others about our Savior and the heavenly home He is preparing for those who trust in Him. Let us eagerly share His love and truth as we expectantly await His return.

– Pastor Jack

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