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PSALM 11:3


“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

This psalm is one in a group known as the persecution psalms. Its author, King David, knew what it meant to have enemies take aim while they hid behind a cloak of secrecy. His words bear weight when we’re faced with a similar situation and those around us grow uneasy questioning, “What can the righteous do?”

What should the righteous do? Look up! David looked above and beyond the events of the day, and saw God enthroned. “The LORD is in His holy temple, the LORD’S throne is in heaven.” (Psalm 11:4a). This is the foundation that cannot be destroyed. The solid ground of our faith is in the knowledge that God’s governance overrules all the schemes of man.

Believer, stay the course. In commenting on this psalm, British preacher Alexander Maclaren had this to say, “The foundations are not being destroyed, however many and strong are the arms that are trying to dig them up. The righteous has done much, and can do more, though his work seem wasted. Self-preservation is not a man’s first duty; flight is his last.” Amen and amen!

David’s companions, whose limited vision rose no higher than the horizon, advised him to take flight. But to him, present hostilities seemed small when viewed with heaven in mind. He had no need to fear and neither do you, dear saint. Regardless of the difficulties of the day, and the assaults of the enemy, each night you can lay your head down in peace, knowing you are eternally safe in the arms of Almighty God, who reigns forevermore.

– Pastor Jack

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