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Playing Marbles with Diamonds …and other messages for America. by Vance Havner

“In a day when tragedy has become comedy, we play fast and loose with eternal issues. The Pearl of great price is not cheap! I have read that years ago in that part of Africa where diamonds in the rough were plentiful, a traveler chanced upon boys playing. Closer investigation revealed that they were playing marbles with diamonds. God forgive us today if we handle God’s treasures as though they were trifles and the coinage of the eternal as though it were play money. Now is no time to play marbles with diamonds!”

Vance Havner grew up in the hills of North Carolina. Born in 1901, he became a boy preacher at age twelve, an ordained minister at age fifteen, and later, in 1940 began a traveling ministry, serving Bible conferences and church revivals all over the nation. He continued his ministry almost to the time of his death in 1986.

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Playing Marbles-Havner