Are You A Union Member?

The Solution

Federal Law (Title VII) allows you to “opt out” of your union dues if you have a “sincerely held religious belief.” For many Christians this is simply a belief that it is not biblical to support groups that promote morally objectionable causes.

Real Life has put together a program, in partnership with Pacific Justice Institute, complete with legal services, to make it as simple as possible to process your “opt-out” request with your union and redirect your funds to the work God is doing through the Real Life Ministries.

Get Started

Getting started is easy and takes just one step: Simply click on the link below. You will be redirected to our partner’s site to fill out the necessary form.

The form takes about 10 minutes to complete. You’ll be asked to fill out some basic information, along with a few key details about your union membership. Lastly, you’ll be asked a few short questions about your personal religious beliefs. This is to customize your request letter to convey your sincerely held beliefs.

Make sure you have the following information at hand:

  • Your personal information, including Social Security Number (last 4 digits only)
  • Your union’s contact information
  • Your employer’s contact information


Simply CLICK HERE to get started or if you have further question