All About The Future Things

Why do we desire to know the future? The most obvious answer is that it’s where you and I are going to spend forever! No other book, known to man, speaks about the future and provides us with necessary details about what it will be like than the Bible.

The Bible is the best-selling, most quoted, mass-published, most circulated, most translated and influential book in the history of mankind. In addition, it is a proven, single-source origin, multi-cultural, multi-continent, multi-era communiqué that claims it is not of this physical world. The Bible invites every person, regardless of age, race, or social status to know, believe and receive its message.

What you believe and why you believe it is essential to your future. In this 8-part series, you’ll clearly see why you can trust the Bible and what it says about future things, for it is the very Word of God.

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